OEM Programs

All of Perfect's quality components are available separately in bulk quantities at competitive prices. For kit manufacturers, we offer any of our parts packed in any combination (or loose) priced by quantity. In addition, we custom fabricate special versions of many of our components for unique needs. In other industries we can package in bulk or preassemble as needed.


You can get price quotes by calling our office at 410-327-3522 (M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM EST), faxing 410-327-7443 or by emailing sales@perfectpartscompany.com. You will need to let us know the exact components desired, how they are to be packed, and in what quantity. For example, you may want bulk bellcranks with just the bearing hardware, packed one bulk item per bag. Or, you may prefer to have them individually packed, ready to drop into a kit.

We can also custom pack and/or custom label normal consumer products for special market needs.

We have a $100 minimum order, and OEM orders are FOB Baltimore. Samples are available to qualified customers, of course, and we can provide any technical assistance/custom manufacturing needed. We have the capacity to ship world wide.


Let us know how we can help!



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