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For the end user:

All of Perfect's products are carried by or can be readily ordered from your closest retailer. It is always best to obtain hobby products from your retailer! You get a chance to physically see the products before purchase, you get after-the-sale-service and, if needed, valuable advice. Most retailers are price competitive with mail order firms while providing immediate inventory. We strongly support the hobby retailer and provide excellent service to you through them.

If it is necessary to purchase our products over the Internet or mail order we suggest Great Planes Model Distributors or Tower Hobbies (Phone: 217-398-6300), Stevens International (Phone: 856-1555). They sell mail order and over the Internet; there are others as well. We are not associated with these companies and have no control over their pricing or service.

You can get product information and a free catalog by calling our office at 410-327-3522 (M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM EST), faxing 410-327-7443 or by emailing Technical service is available at your retailer, by phone or at


For the retailer:

Our products are distributed worldwide by a network of wholesalers, including all major US distributors. Please call the office M-F between 9:00AM-5:00PM EST or email for a list of distributors near you. Also, please check the Retailer Programs page for information about current promotional programs.




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