Laboratory Glassware

Perfect's Laboratory Glassware is true lab quality equipment. Most items are Kimax® USA Heat Resistant Glass. This glassware can be used for any lab process, and can be cleaned in lab cleaning equipment.

Griffin Beakers
Heat Resistant Kimax® Glass. For general lab use.
P501A 50 ml
P501C 150 ml
P501D 250 ml
Boiling Flasks
Heat Resistant Kimax® Glass. Long neck aids in holding. For general lab use.
P506A 50 ml
P506B 125 ml
P506C 250 ml

Petri Culture Dish
For growing molds and cultures and for evaporating solutions. Heat Resistant Kimax® Glass.
P503 100 mm dia x 15 mm deep.
Short Stem Funnel
Standard glass. For general liquid transfer. P509 45 mm

Soft Glass Tubing
For making individual tubing hookups. Heat bendable glass (with Bunsen burner or torch).
P515A 5 mm Diameter
P515B 7 mm Diameter
Drying Tube
For moisture absorption of gases (typically using Calcium Chloride as a drying agent). P517 100 mm long

Erlenmeyer Flasks
Conical shape adds stability and shock resistance. For mixing, storage and heating. Heat Resistant Kimax® Glass.
P508A 50 ml
P508B 125 ml
P508C 250 ml
Graduated Cylinder
Precision marked for sedimentation, hydrometer and routine measuring.
P505 25 ml

Test Tubes and Culture Tubes
The basic tools of lab work. Made of Heat Resistant Kimax® Glass. See Apparatus page for matching stoppers.
P504 10 mm x 75 mm
P513A 13 mm x 100 mm
P513B 15 mm x 125 mm
P513C 18 mm x 150 mm
Stirring Rod
Used as a general mixer and stirrer and as an aid to pouring liquids.
P511 5 mm dia x 200 mm long

Thistle Tube
Also known as a long stem funnel. Used to introduce liquids below the surface of a mix, especially in gas generating applications.
P514 7 mm x 300 mm
Connecting Y Tube
Used to split tubing connections. P516 3/16 (4,7 mm) dia.

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