Laboratory Apparatus

Perfect's Laboratory Apparatus is lab grade equipment designed for all general lab work. The Support stand, tripod and support rings are used as building blocks for a wide variety of lab experiments. All are designed for normal lab use.

Alcohol Lamp
For gently heating small to medium amounts of materials.
Glass lamp includes stopper, wick and cap.
P601 60 ml
Alcohol Lamp Wick
Replacement wick for above lamp.
P602 7 (178 mm) Wick

Bunsen Burner
Fully adjustable flame control lets it work with a variety of gases. For most heating uses; made of plated steel. P604
Mohr Pinchcock Clamp
Clamps rubber/plastic tubing to 3/8 (9,6 mm) diameter. Plated steel.
P605 3/8 (9,6 mm)

Porcelain Crucible w/Cover
For heating solids to high temperatures. High quality porcelain.
P606 15 ml
To apply uniform small quantities of liquids.
Glass tube with rubber bulb.
P607 2 ml, 88 mm long

Filter Paper
Grade 1, fast filtration type. To remove solids from liquids.
P609 11 cm, 25 Sheets
Litmus Paper
Solution color indicators. Standard Blue to indicate acids, Red for alkalies.
P610A Blue, 100 pcs
P610B Red, 100 pcs

Instructions to use of Litmus Paper:
Two types of pH paper are commonly used. Litmus paper is indicator paper coated with organic dye which changes color in the presence of acids and bases. Red litmus paper is used to check for bases, blue litmus paper is used to check for acids. First, choose the appropiate type of paper. Then test the solution with the paper. Do not dip the pH paper into the solution. Take a dropper and add the solution to the litmus paper. Blue litmus paper will turn red in the presence of an acid, while red litmus paper will turn blue in the presence of a base. Caution: Please use safety glasses and all appropiate safety equipment such as gloves and a lab apron when dealing with known and unknown solutions.

Mortar and Pestle
For grinding and mixing solid and semisolid materials. P611B 80mm dia, 60 ml
Evaporating Dish
Glazed Porcelain. Promotes rapid crystallization of heated solutions.
P608 70 mm dia, 50 ml

Single Ring Tripod
Steel tripod legs with cast iron ring supports labware during heating.
P612 5 (127 mm) dia. x 9 (129 mm) high
Rubber Stoppers
Fit test tubes, flasks and other lab glassware. Assortment includes solid, one hole and two hole. Taper from top diameter. See Glassware.
P613A Size 00 15 mm top diameter
P613B Size 2 20 mm top diameter
P613C Size 4 26 mm top diameter
P613D Size 6 32 mm top diameter
P613E Size 1 18 mm top diameter

Support Stand with Base
Sturdy plated steel base with two rod holes and plated steel 3/8" (9,5 mm) rod can hold a wide variety of setups. Accepts all Support Rings and Burette Clamps.
P615 18 (457 mm) tall
Support Ring w/Clamp
Adjustable support for most labware. Cast iron
P614A 2" (51 mm) Diameter
P614B 4" (102 mm) Diameter

Test Tube Brush
Radial tip nylon bristles on steel stem assist cleaning.
P616 1/2 (13 mm) dia x 8 (203 mm) long
Test Tube Holder
Stoddard type; nickel plated steel. Permits handling of hot test tubes and other small glassware.
P617 5 (127 mm)

Test Tube Racks
Hardwood racks hold test tubes upright or inverted
P618A 8 Position
P618B 10 Position
Heating Triangle
Clay covers protect steel wires while heating.
P619 2 triangle

Natural Rubber Tubing
For general lab work. Sorry, these items are no longer available.
P620A - Discontinued 3/16" (4,8 mm) ID
P620B - Discontinued 1/4" (6,3 mm) ID
Wire Heating Pad
Steel screen pad is used under glassware to provide even heat
P621 5 x 5 (127 mm x 127 mm)

Adjustable Clamp
Hoffman Compressor type. For controlling fluid or gas flow. Made of plated steel. P622
Burette Clamp
General utility adjustable clamp. Holds glassware and objects up to 2 (51 mm). Made of steel and aluminum.
P623 2 (51 mm) capacity

Lab Spoon
Stainless Steel, for scooping chemicals. Fits into the one ounce chemical bottle neck. P624
Tongs, Serrated Tip
For all purpose handling of glassware and lab objects. Nickel plated steel.
8 (203 mm) long

Lab Thermometer
Red alcohol white back glass thermometer is graduated from -10 C to 110 C. Has suspension loop.
P626 300 mm Long
Surgical Gloves
Latex Rubber for general protection. P627 One Size Fits All.

Lab Apron
Protects clothing from incidental chemical spills. Made of vinyl. P628 Universal Size.
Gas Generating Bottle
For generating gas from solid material by low temperature chemical reaction. Wide mouth glass jar with rubber stopper.
P630 8 Ounce Capacity.

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